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Sandlot Stiks has combined the best manufacturing and design techniques with the most ideal hardwood to perfect the ultimate in wood baseball bats, The American Beech wood bat. For overall quality, performance, and durability, the American Beech baseball bat is unparalleled.

American Beech is a relatively underutilized and under appreciated North American Hardwood, with ideal qualities for the manufacturing of wood baseball bats. It's unique physical properties are perfectly balanced and geared for use as a baseball bat. In comparison to other traditional hardwoods utilized for bat manufacturing, such as White Ash, Hard Maple, Yellow Birch and American Hickory; American Beech has few real weak spots. It has the best qualities of each of the traditional woods without the major down sides each of those woods possess.

* Better flex than Maple, Birch, European Beech and Hickory - results in better "Pop"
* Ultra resistant to wear, splitting and flaking.
* Harder than Yellow Birch
* Resists the tendency to break violently like Maple and Birch.
* Grown and Crafted in U.S.A. - NOT EUROPE!

From forest to finished bat, Sandlot Stiks controls every aspect of our exclusive American Beech bat process. Our quality control and inspection process leave no room for less than the best.

The American Beech bat, by Sandlot Stiks...innovating the game, forever!