The Benefits of the HDX Series Wood Bats by Sandlot Stiks?

The Benefits of the HDX Series Wood Bats by Sandlot Stiks?

Quality, Cost, Performance, Durability, Ideal Weight to Length Ratios, Preferred Balance, Consistency, Seven Ideal Models for your preference and faster Turn Around times. The HDX Series covers all those bases.

Here’s how we do it…

Custom bats are pretty cool. What ball player doesn’t want their own customized wood bat with their name on it? But not many want to pay $150+ to buy one especially not knowing if it will last more than one swing.

While we still offer custom bats here at Sandlot Stiks at a premium cost, we realize what most players are really looking for in a wood bat is consistency, durability and affordability with suitable and reasonable options to choose from. The HDX Series is that line of bats.

By keeping color options within the traditional MLB Approved Black, Brown and clear coatings and optimizing and streamlining our models, we can keep production times down and quality up. However, we didn’t simply select the most commonly produced shapes on the market and mass produce them, we selected various optimal models for durability and popularity; some original and some more common, then we redesigned them using higher density timber to be even more durable and perform better too.

Using our own experience at the elite levels of baseball we designed models which cover a multitude of hitting styles and are optimal for players at the amateur levels just beginning to learn how to hit with wood bats on a regular basis.

As many amateurs quickly learn, the metal bat swing is much more forgiving than the wood bat swing. Nobody wants to continually spend money on broken wood bats or compromise their performance because of bad equipment.

Until players gain the knowledge and experience of hitting properly with a wood bat, they can all use as much of an edge as possible. That edge is the HDX Series wood bat by Sandlot Stiks.