Solid Facts About Our Wood

Sandlot Stiks Original Pro Model game bats are milled from some of the finest Hard Maple, and White Ash lumber available. Unlike some bat companies trying to take on the crucial task of processing the lumber from log to bat, we prefer to let our expert lumber suppliers handle the job they do best.

At the lumber mills, fresh cut billets are produced and inspected by expert sawyers and lumber graders. They are then separated for grain pattern and clarity and kiln dried.

The unique method used for drying our billets insures us our lumber will come to us free of defects known as checking (cracks in the ends and surface of the wood) and dried to the proper moisture content for baseball bats .

The billets are then sent to our wood shop and inspected again for any possible defects in quality. Only those billets that meet our high standards are used for our Pro Model game bats.

Our special lumber selection process allows us to ensure you of receiving your bats as close as possible to your specifications and of the highest quality available.

A quality wood bat is important to minor league players trying to gain an edge to impress their organizations and it’s also one of the best training tools an amateur player can use. As a former professional baseball player, I know what quality wood bats can do for a player.

Every player from the Big Leagues down through Little League is looking for an advantage. The difference between a really great, hard wood bat and just any other wood bat can mean the difference between those hits that die in an outfielders glove and the ones that sail over their heads.

Don’t let your dreams die in the hands of an outfielder! Trust me, Sandlot Stiks Professional Baseball Bats are the bats I wish I had when I was playing professional baseball.

Don’t trust your dreams to bat companies that have poor-quality control due to mass production on an assembly-line. At Sandlot Stiks Professional Baseball Bats, Inc., we take pride in our workmanship and high-quality products. Trust in us!

Don’t just take my word for it, check out some of the testimonials I have received from players, then try them yourself. Believe me when I say, “I wouldn’t sell it if I wouldn’t swing it. ” I literally stand behind each bat I sell.